Shaun White

"I am stoked to be training with Push Your Limits. After my knee injury, Joel helped me recover and come back stronger than ever. With his help I plan on going for the 2006 Olympic Team."
Shaun White
Professional Snowboarder and Skateboarder

Shaun White

2006 Olympic Gold Medalist in Superpipe
Congratulations Shaun, on winning the Gold medal in the half pipe in the 2006 winter Olympics in Torino Italy.

Other Shaun White Highlights

2008 - only the second athlete in X Games history to four-peat for gold, Shaun won his fourth consecutive gold medal in the slopestyle.
2007 - won skateboarding gold in Men's Vert at X Games 13
2006 - won gold in Superpipe and gold Slopestyle at Winter X Games 12
2006 - won silver in Superpipe and bronze Slopestyle at Winter X Games 11
2005 - won skateboarding silver in Men's Vert at X Games
2005 - won gold in Superpipe and Slopestyle at Winter X Games 10, along with all five Grand Prix superpipes in '05-06.
2004 - won gold in Slopestyle at Winter X Games 8
2003 - won gold in Superpipe and Slopestyle at Winter X Games 7
2002 - won silver in Superpipe and Slopestyle at Winter X Games 6

Watch parts of Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White’s workouts with Joel.

Watch Shaun’s Olympic gold medal run.

Ryan Kalil

“Thanks for the Volume work”
Ryan Kalil
Professional Football Player
Carolina Panthers

Ryan Kalil

Watch NFL combine interview with Ryan.

Eric Sorby

“I am more ready this time then ever. Joel kicked my ass pretty bad! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.”
Eric Sorby
Professional Supercross Rider

Eric Sorby

Eric Sorby in Action

Watch Eric in action

Boot Camp Testimonials

The Push Your Limits Boot Camp is the only exercise program that I have stuck with for more than six months. I've been attending for 15 months, 3 times per week and I'm happy to say that my friends and family have noticed the changes in my muscle tone, weight and stamina.

My Top 10 Reasons why I have stuck with PYL's Boot Camp at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas:

  1. I saw results quickly because I was motivated by my trainers and classmates to keep up my pace and stay with the class.
  2. The class is at the beach - the best "screen saver" ever.
  3. The sand makes a perfect, forgiving surface for crunches, push-ups and stretching.
  4. The interval-type format, interspersing heart-thumping cardio with muscle training seems to be the most results-producing workout that I've ever had. Just when I feel like I can't take another step, the trainer changes up the type of activity so that my heart rate recovers but I am still working out.
  5. I was able to train starting with my individual fitness level and pace irrespective of what my classmates' fitness levels were. Their superior ability levels just motivated me to catch up and work harder. Although I started at ground zero, I feel that my hard work has paid off and I generally keep up with my peers, although I am 54!
  6. The group is the perfect size for the trainer to have enough time to ensure that each participant is performing the exercises correctly and at the pace that they should. It's like personal training at group prices.
  7. The class structure is perfect - there's enough warm -up and cool-down stretches so that the actual time that I feel like I am pushing myself to the limit is tolerable and not overwhelming.
  8. The class is varied enough so that boredom is never an issue - we climb stairs, have water workouts in the summer, use the outdoor playground equipment for specialized exercises as well as develop our speed, agility, strength and balance with trainer-provided equipment.
  9. Being outside the first thing in the morning counteracts that "stuck indoors" feeling and always manages to lift my spirits.
  10. Nicki is open to ideas such as organizing teams for the upcoming MCRD Boot Camp Challenge. She's knowledgeable, friendly and very motivating.

Sue Kelly-Cochrane, Carlsbad, CA

It has been a wonderful experience participating in the "beach boot camp" classes. It is great to be on the beach every morning exercising with the dolphins! Being outside, and having your excellent instruction has made it so much easier for me to be consistent with my workouts. I have lost several inches and many pounds since starting the program and after 6 months I still look forward to coming each morning. It is much easier to work out with your guidance than trying to do it on my own. You are kind but tough and that really keeps me going.

Thank you!

Aubyn Stahmer, Encinitas, CA